As I write this blog I’m traveling back to my parents house to celebrate with my family and thank them for putting up with me this season. When I step back and look at my routine I know it’s demanding on my family and I’m very focused in race season and that’s often very draining on everyone around me.

It’s also a good thing as I’m going away tomorrow morning at 5AM to Italy with one of my mates to take on a few stages of the Giro De Itallia on the bikes! A little R+D after the season is always a good idea and refreshes the urge to do good things in the winter coming up.

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So tonight Mum has cooked an epic meal as per with all the trimmings, my brother has a friend round and my mate who I’m going on the cycling training camp has just arrived in time.

After chomping through the world’s best chicken stew, I had time for a bit of private reflection on the weekends result. Last year I had no race seat, no races planned and worst of all no one calling with any good news about me getting a chance of a drive. It felt like the sport had forgot me.

This year I worked hard to put the necessary factors in place, I started to work with Tim Sugden who has become my friend and manager, I liaised and listened to all of my sponsors and tailored a package to suit them better, I put my self out there by going to more race weekends and meeting as many people as possible and worked hard at getting my face known. I also worked hard on making my driving better, the result, a 3rdin the ELMS Championship in my first year. It’s a very nice feeling, one I won’t forget and hopefully this will kick start many good things to come with JMW.

The huge change between the two has made me such a better driver and person. I’m a lot more efficient and I know and understand (or most of it) what it actually takes to make it and I am 100% more grateful of any opportunity racing presents me. The time not racing made me realize how much the sport has consumed my life and how much I love every chance I get in the car.

We finished 3rd Place in 4 out of 5 races and I’m now part of the 3rd best driver pairing in Europe. My goal of winning the championship however has not been achieved despite my best efforts. If we look back to Silverstone where we didn’t finish on the podium, a bit of misfortune cost us dearly and in hind sight cost us some valuable points.

So what now? Well I really hope I can come back to JMW, to race the Ferrari again would be mind blowing.

The winter will present, I hope, some further opportunities and tests. I will also spend time on becoming fitter and better at the finite points of driving with Tim, this will include studying of further advanced engineering, testing, simulator time and cycling!

While I get the chance I would like to say a huge thanks to Davey, Garry, Ben, Steve, Darren, Paul, Ed, James, Hughes and Rebecca for making a brilliant team.

Also Jim and Valerie for trusting me and giving me this career changing opportunity, my Manager Tim and my family for being a big support.

Hopefully more JMW Blogs to come! Till Next time…. George