Richardson finishes dramatic Nürburgring 24 hours


The weekend of May 29th, George Richardson and his team from Walkenhorst BMW headed to the green hell for the N24 but failed to meet expectation and finished in 22nd overall and 19th in the top class, GT3.

In qualifying, George’s co-driver had a small crash with an Aston Martin GT4 car, which caused a lot of damage, forcing the team to miss the ‘dry weather window’ leading to the team qualifying 31st. The implications of such event meant that the team missed the super pole and therefore the expected place of qualifying in the top 10 diminished. 

As the sun beamed down over the Nürburgring, the race began in brilliant fashion, the track was dry, the car was running well and the team looked on course to finish well. One hour passed and the track began to live up to its name, as all hell literally broke loose! Marble sized hail stones began to litter the track and caused a mountain of issues as the conditions were shocking to drive in.


A stroke of fortune for car number 101,we avoided crashing unlike fifty other cars at this stage, however the race was red flagged due to the weather and stopped for four hours. Many teams were fixing and prepping the cars for the re-start. 

As the evening sun broke and the orange illuminated the sky, the car lights began to glow around the ring. A sight to behold in typical Nürburgring fashion.

From the restart, the team had an issue with the car which effected performance, there were elements that weren’t working efficiently, meaning that the car was running considerably slower than expected, this was majorly detrimental to the lap time.

George commented ”Based on the nature of the programme and the ambitions of the team, all talk of retiring the car was quickly put to bed! We kept our pursuit of the finish and the goal post simply moved from a top 5 finish to a top 20!”

With the risk of failure, the team battled through the adverse conditions and held up well to finish well out of nearly 200 cars.

Despite the aforementioned issues. Richardson says that,

 “We feel as if we have actually done a good job, we drove well, the car only showed a fraction of its potential but all in all we finished one of the toughest challenges in the racing calendar which is definitely an achievement in itself, with no scratch on the car!” “Its an honour to drive in such a program and I’m delighted to have been part of it, I cannot wait for next year now”

I would like to thank Henry and Nick from Walkenhorst, BMW motorsport and my partners. It was a pre run for next year I hope! We can definitely come back stronger!” 

The race finished with George’s Co-Driver, CEO of Polyphony digital and creator of the motorsport game Gran Turismo, Kazauri Yammachui, taking the check flag in front of nearly 300,000 people.


Richardson now has two N24 races under his belt and has proven he can perform at the top of the class.

I have to be thankful to my partners for this race, they supported me to try new things rather than some of the standard Sponsorship moves, we invited Shmee150 and a lot of other online publications and the returns have been huge” Said Richardson

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