George Richardson (UK), Arturo Devigus (Switzerland) and Rob Smith (UK) not only asserted themselves in the SP8 Class, but also achieved a merited, impressive 25th position in the overall placement.

As in the previous VLN race, the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife circuit presented itself shrouded in a cloak of gray mist on the morning of October 31.

Dense fog made it impossible to begin the qualifying on schedule. It was only shortly after 11 a.m. that the vehicles could take to the track, with the race kicking off at approximately 1:30 p.m.


Young British driver George Richardson took a late pole position in class with just 30 seconds to spare in the session moving the NGK a Ferrari 458 SP8 from P2 to Pole.

The race which was delayed started at 1:30PM local Time.

The RaciNGK Team then proceeded at the same brisk pace shown in qualifying, extending their lead from pole on the SP8 runner-up as early as the starting lap. Starting driver Richardson advanced by six positions, to 16th (1st in SP8). A precisely executed pit stop at roughly 2:50 p.m. ensured that not a second was lost.

Next up at the wheel: Smith, who tenaciously maintained the high speed and position laid down by his teammate in spite of the haze creeping back did a fantastic job to manage the gap.

In the final stint, Devigus whipped the NGK Ferarri 458 around the circuit until the very end, further increasing the distance to the next SP8 contender.

At 4:35 p.m. – dusk having long descended on the Nürburgring forced the race management to cut the VLN round short due to the thick fog smothering the circuit.

For the RaciNGK Team, the early ending meant class victory and an excellent rank in the overall placement at number 25.

“I was so delighted with the win in class today, it’s been a long time coming after finishing second 3 times this season. To add to that I got my first class pole which I’m very proud of! Many thanks to NGK for the season I hope I will be back next year to carry on with the successful program it’s been to date.” Commented Richardson.

“Today turned out to be another damned hard race. In this kind of weather, with such incredibly low visibility in some places, fielding three drivers proved to be exactly the right call. This allowed us to keep our concentration at top level throughout the race. After all, the Nordschleife mercilessly punishes any mistake, as a number of teams today found out today. We learned something new at each race of this season and are, of course, very happy with today’s win,” as team head, Per Baar, sums it up. “What was particularly wonderful was the great fan response at trackside. Despite the chilly weather, attendance at this last VLN race was extraordinary. Especially along the Nordschleife, for example, at the “Brünnchen”, the natural grandstands were filled to the very last spot. A big thank-you from here at RaciNGKTeam to the crowd for such wonderful support throughout 2015!”