PushDoctor.co.uk – Business Case Study

George Richardson

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Marital status:  Single

Area: Manchester, United Kingdom

Profession: Endurance Racing Racer


How PushDoctor.co.uk helped?

George travels very regularly for leisure and business, and has no time to book or attend a GP appointment at his local doctor’s surgery. He regularly suffers from tonsillitis and other reoccurring illnesses often triggered by his busy lifestyle which can see him get run down.

Recently, George had a 6am flight from Manchester Airport to Dusseldorf via Heathrow. He woke up that morning with symptoms of tonsillitis so used the PushDoctor.co.uk service. Following a successful video consultation, George was prescribed with a course of antibiotics, which were delivered to Boots the chemist at terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport just in time. George collected his prescription from the airport shop and just made his connecting flight to Dusseldorf.

How did you find the consultation experience?

“Hands down absolutely excellent – if I didn’t get the antibiotics that I need then it can put me out for at least two days, which means that now I’ll recover quicker. If it wasn’t for PushDoctor.co.uk I would get very sick.”

“I was able to make the testing session with the team at the Nurburgring which was pivotal to the race the following weekend.”

“Not only have you saved me from bed for 2 days you saved me a chunk of valuable time.”