The Great Chase at the 38th RCM DMV Grenzlandrennen

In a sun-kissed sixth VLN run of the season, the RaciNGK Team showed true sporting spirit, fitness and a top-notch performance by the drivers in an all-out battle to conquer the field, after a first-round jostle without fault on the team’s part had forced an early, unscheduled pit stop. The end result: 2nd place in the SP 8 class.


The qualifying had already seen the teams fighting fiercely for every position on the bone-dry tarmac, with many tight maneuvers yielding very fast lap times.

The main race started dead on time at 12 noon, only to deliver the shock to the RaciNGK Team after just a few minutes on the track. The red and black Ferrari 458 Challenge remained unscathed only until the very first curve, where the car was hit by another vehicle and subsequently had to return to the pit with a badly damaged tie rod. The pit team, however, got right to it: With the broken part replaced after roughly ten minutes, the great chase from position 149 began. Car by car, the three drivers, Robert Smith, George Richardson and RaciNGK Team debutant Adam Sharpe, pushed onward.


With pit stops executed in record time and with clockwork precision, the trio tackled lap after lap while taking great care to avoid any further run-ins – of which there were plenty at the 38th RCM DMV Grenzlandrennen. “An endurance race will always hold surprises in store. In both of the last two races we had to cope with such extraordinary circumstances, and this time we took a hard hit right at the beginning. But our fighting sprit prevailed, we moved up through the field, and the pit team, too, accomplished an unbelievable feat. For us, this was a great race and a marvelous start for our driver Adam Sharpe,” team head Per Baar concludes.

The next VLN run, the Opel 6h ADAC Ruhr-Pokal race, takes place on September 5. After the race is before the race! But first, it’s time to celebrate 2nd place on the podium.