George takes 2nd Place for RaciNGK Team in Third VLN Run of the Year

The RaciNGK Team celebrates another solid performance of its Ferrari 458 Challenge at the 57th ADAC ACAS H&R Cup in the ‘Green Hell’ of the Nürburgring. Drivers George Richardson (UK), Max Sandritter (GER) and Stephan Kuhs (GER) were able to shake off the strong main field to finish the race as happy second-place winners in the SP8 Class.


Nearly two months after the last VLN round, the notoriously unpredictable Eifel skies once again kept everyone guessing. An overcast Nordschleife and intermittent, light rainfall during the qualifying put all teams on special alert regarding their choice of tires. Later on, the Eifel showed its fair-weather side, with dry conditions allowing the teams and the fans to enjoy motorsport of the highest caliber.

The qualifying was the first opportunity for the RaciNGK Team to present yet another showcase of their Nordschleife qualities: on a track alternating between dry and wet, George Richardson put the Ferrari 458 Challenge in second position in the SP8 starting field and a respectable 24th in the overall placement.


Following George Richardson’s competently executed opening stint in the race, Stephan Kuhs took over the wheel and firmly stood his ground in the middle of the overall field in 49th position, neatly steering clear of all scuffling. After the second stop it was Max Sandritter’s turn to demonstrate his prowess in the cockpit of the ‘red lightning bolt’, yielding position 3 (SP8) and 22nd in the overall placement. With only 35 minutes of racing time left, the RaciNGK Team decided to put in another refueling stop ahead of the end run. At this point, time was flying almost as fast as Sandritter. On his way to the home stretch, he gained several more positions and whipped the deep red Ferrari across the finish line in a secure 2nd place in the SP8.

“We are very pleased with the performance of the drivers, the team and the car. Of course, there is always room for further improvement, and we will now analyze the race to see what we can do to optimize our approach. In the next round, you will see us attacking as fiercely as ever,” as team manager Per Baar states.

The next meeting of the motorsporting elite on the Nürburgring will take place on July 4 at the 46th Adenauer ADAC World Peace Trophy.