About Time I Wrote One of These

The last one I wrote was when I was living in the US of A!

I hope I have been in contact with most of the people I haven’t seen or spoke to in a while as a bi-product of not racing every-weekend you tend to loose contact with some people. It was great to race at Spa and catch up with many of you!

For me this past few months have been especially excellent.

I have made some big decisions for my business, I have done my first 24 hour race, I have racked the miles up on the bike, reached a weight of 63KG and my cousin and his wife are going to have a baby!

For me the majority of this year has been a deliberate planning year for 2014, it’s the first year I haven’t raced full time since sponsorship prevented me from racing in 2008, my first year of Carrera Cup at 16 years old.

So I thought I would write this blog, hinting on what may be on the cards for next year and what I have been doing to fill my time.

My weekly routine as many of you have seen via Twitter and Facebook has consisted of a “Shed” load of Simulator work and Cycling. There is no better way to take your mind off not racing every weekend than to jump on the bike and rack up the miles. This week marks my 5th full week cycling and I am up-to 575Miles through my CUBE Peleton Pro road bike. I have been concentrating on increasing my Core strength and endurance in preparation.

Simulator time, what a brilliant thing! I will have reached in excess of 150 hours simulator time in my back pocket to help me prep for next year. Spa, Nurburgring, Silverstone and Paul Ricard can all be tested at in the same day!

I am very lucky to have been working with some fantastic people from Driver coaches, Nutritionists, Trainers, Cyclists and Physiologists ahead of 2014.

I have really progressed in the last few areas of proper driving technique.

The art of driving a race car has recently become an additional passion of mine and every day I am furthering my knowledge on this topic and putting my learning’s to the test in the Gym, on the bike and the Simulator.

I hope soon I will be able to share my plans with you and show pictures of the cars I have been testing. I am looking forward to getting back into the full swing of racing come January 2014.

I am about to turn 22 (26th October). It doesn’t seem 2 minutes from when I turned 21 and got back from an epic season in the US. I am now, I suppose allot wiser in my driving, my business and how I deal with certain situations.

One of the best things last year was getting on the podium at Indianapolis, we had struggled with the Camaro all year and it really showed the hard work we put in, a memory that will last forever!

I’m a strong believer in trying my best to better myself each day with either perfecting a skill you already have or adding a new one to my list!

Without going Rev Run on you, I would leave you with one little thought.

If you were to practise for as little as 30 mins a day at something, think how good you would be after 1 year.

Start your perfection now!

Till next time,

G #28