2011 is all but over

For some reason, in racing, time seems to travel much faster. You find yourself in this little bubble where you train all week and work tirelessly for the next race. You never stand still, you simply can’t afford too. We always work for that next race and with that, weeks, days and months just all blur into one.

It only feels like yesterday that I was lining up on the grid at Brands Hatch ready to the get my season underway, but before you know it the season is over and you find yourself wondering where the time has gone and thinking about what could have been. It really is crazy!

To be honest, this time of year is really the only time you can sit and reflect on what’s happened and start thinking about what needs to be done. I have analysed 2011 race-by-race and detailed what needs to happen to make 2012 a better year.

With regard to possible drives for next year, I have looked at everything across all championships and even overseas. I realise that 2012 is going to be a really big year for me and I need to prove that I have learnt well and that I can challenge the best on a regular basis.

I have literally weighed up the pros and cons for everything, analysed budgets, requirements and possible drives to detail the best option and platform for my career. Right now, it looks likely that I will stay in the Carrera Cup. I have spent the last two years learning the ropes in what is the toughest one-make car racing championship in the UK. I think it’s time for me to step up and show what we can do.

Everything is still in the early stages. To be honest, everything could change come February next year. It is always the same at this time of year, there is always lots of possibilities and interest, and we just have to find the best and most feasible option. There is still a lot to sort out!

Away from the racing world I am back to selling Christmas trees for the festive period and that is going really well. I am also enjoying spending some time with my brother, Jack, who is heavily into his karting at the minute and it’s good watching him and trying to help him along a bit; although he doesn’t really listen to anything I have to say!

Other than that I’m just maintaining my training, looking forward to Christmas and the possibilities next year could bring. I wouldn’t go as far to say that 2012 is a make or break year, but it is extremely important in relation to my career development. Still I’m more than ready for the challenge! Bring it on…